After being very inactive for many years, DeeDee has given me the opportunity at ESY to gently and thoughtfully find my practice again. It’s been some 10 years since I had a formal class and regular practice. And I can already see improvement from two classes a week since the beginning of December!

ESY draws you in with an inviting entrance that includes lounge seating that encourages discussion, a variety of teas for the cold winter days, and a small library exchange. DeeDee is also a doTERRA Essential Oils consultant and has the collection available in the lounge.

The practice area is naturally well lit and provides ample room for the whole class. High ceilings draw your eyes up and out encouraging you to be present and observe the world around you, when most of us likely spend too much time with a digital screen a couple feet from our faces. They also provide great ventilation along with central air and yet still maintains a warm and relaxing atmosphere with calming music, soft lit lamps and mini lights, and extra heaters (Hot Yoga anyone?). Full length mirrors, balance bar, mats and many varieties of props are provided for you to even include lavender eye masks, wash cloths, and an all-natural cleaning solution to keep everything fresh. All details of what can make your yoga experience comfortable have been considered!

Last and maybe most importantly are the wonderful teachers. I have attended classes led by four different teachers and have not only enjoyed but learned the importance of approaching your personal yoga from the various styles exhibited by each of these teachers: DeeDee’s classes often infused with mindfulness and self-acceptance, Ray’s with love and tranquility, Brandy’s with peace and harmony, and new teacher Eleanor’s with strength and confidence. Whether you are a novice or experienced, recovering or looking to add to your fitness regime, ESY has something for everyone.