Katherine Heicksen

This place is higher quality than most sandwich shops of its type. I particularly appreciate their vegetarian “meat” – it’s quite good. However, the last time I went there, my sandwich had such a tiny amount of it, (a single translucently thin layer) that you could hardly taste it or tell it was there at all. Their “Thanksgiving sandwich” was just bread on bread. Considering their prices, (they aren’t cheap) I felt not only disappointed in my meal, but ripped off. The service was lacking too; their staff seemed to be doing their best to ignore the customers. There were lots of them there and few customers, yet all of them were each so intent on doing whatever other work they had to do, that they completely ignored my husband for almost 5 minutes as he stood waiting at the counter to ask for another plate. There were no other customers waiting at the counter.

I think their staff could use some training, or perhaps their management is preventing the staff from providing a quality experience by making them skimp on portions and stay busy with side work – not sure. It’s a people problem though, not a food quality problem.