Karen Rust

Spence’s Bazaar has been a WONDERFUL place to visit FOR MORE YEARS THAN I CAN COUNT!!! I sojourn there as often as I possibly can!

The Amish foods (donuts, meats, ice creams, desserts, candies, etc., etc.,) are SUPER EXCELLENT ~ as expected!!!

I’ve purchased more foods, fruits, vegetables; tomato/pepper plants; fresh, LARGE strawberries; jewelry, hair jewelry/items; clothing and shoes [new and used]; comforters, ALTOGETHER CAPTIVATING blankets and SO, SO, SO MANY OTHER NOVELTY ITEMS at Spence’s Bazaar than I can possibly EVER COUNT!

Everyone should visit Spence’s. Just ONE TRIP to that place and you’ll be captivated for life. My hubby and I went there when we were just married 38 years ago, and we’ve remained faithful, loyal patrons ever since. We’ve known some of the vendors for many, many years (and some of them are truly WONDERFUL, AMAZING, AWESOME PEOPLE).

It was burned down by some arsonist juveniles a number of years ago and the owners were uncertain of rebuilding; however, the merchants of Dover, DE, (possibly some of the vendors themselves《?》) and/or citizens got together and decided that THIS PLACE was too important ~ REPEAT, TOO CRITICAL TO LOSE, so they got together and it was rebuilt (Who did it exactly? I do NOT KNOW). I won’t presume and/or pretend that I do!

There are many different vendors who rely on sales from Spence’s. Those of us who are clients rely on it/them as well. What an AWESOME PLACE TO VISIT!!! I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. It’s truly phenomenal.