Julia Roberts

Awkward experience.
I was in line trying to decide what I wanted and the manager ( Female) walked by me and didn’t even acknowledge me. They had these 2 female workers that might be Latin. They greeted me nicely and were very nice. They made everything I asked for and was very sweet and nice and had a lot of laughs and giggles. They had beautiful customer service. When one of them walked away to the back to frost I think you can hear them being yelled at “ THERES A CUSTOMER IN FRONT, GO AND TAKE THERE ORDER.” The look on her face look was very upsetting but the girl taking my order got to the other person in line. I feel bad for the way that they’re talked to. I always come here and I always see those 2 girls working in the front and there so sweet and nice and they deserve so much better. Hope those girls never change. Also my churros were very cold and they tasted 2 days old. The girls offered to make me a fresh one! Always look forward to coming if those 2 Spanish girls are there or those 2 nice boys. For the female manager, she needs to learn to be easy on her workers, there just kids. And when I was sitting and eating with my friends I noticed she was on her phone for about hours and just yelling at them. Please set a good example for your employees. Maybe you can learn good examples from watching them.