Jonathan B

My wife and I wanted to try something new rather than the usual PF Chang’s for our Monday date night. She thought that we were going to be undressed but when we saw the other table with camo outfits we figured we were okay.
The Fava bean sauce for the bread was delicious. We felt that it tasted best with the white bread versus the mixed roll. I ordered the cauliflower side which was a very large portion as was all their dishes. My wife had the Fava bean soup and she really enjoyed it.
For the main course my wife had the sirloin which included some kale and mushrooms. The steak was overcooked but the sauce was very good. I enjoyed the kale and mushrooms. I ordered the chicken parmigiana, I think that is what they call it. Again the portion was huge. I ended up taking most of it home. Not a fan of the larger pasta many people may like it. I prefer angel hair myself. I was just enjoying my leftovers and I thought that I would take a moment to post a review. Haley was a very good waitress we enjoyed her service.