John Lenart

As always my experience at ski bum today was world class. I dealt with Matt and Liam and they warrantee replaced my BOA cable and dials on my snowboard boots. Even though this was a warranty at no charge they still made the experience very easy for me. I told him I didn’t need them for a couple days but within 20 minutes they called me back and I was shopping nearby and was able to come back and get my boot. There was also an additional complication with the boot that Liam problem solved and helped me get back on the slopes in fine form. Other shops that don’t care or possibly don’t know as much about keeping the customers happy & on the slopes (& are more interested in the $ only) would’ve probably said hey your boots cant be fixed and you have to buy a new boot. Liam listened to what I was trying to achieve, used his expertise and repaired these perfectly for me. Fantastic on all fronts.

This is the exact same experience I had when I purchased a new snowboard for my son and when I purchased a used pair of boots there as well.

I can think of no other snow sport experts that I would do business with other than ski bum.