Joe Mcanulty

This was the worst experience I have ever had Dining out!
I need start with that I have NEVER left a bad review about a restaurant and I travel the US weekly eating out 3-5 times a week. This review is so others do not have to experience what we did.

Checking in: When checking in to the restaurant for our reservation at 7:15 we waited at the hostess area for about 5 minutes before someone from CIRO walked by and said just wait here and we will be with you in a few minutes. Few minutes later someone checked us in and we sat down at our table at 7:20. The restaurant smelled incredible. We were instantly excited to dine.

The first waitress asked us for still or sparkling water and we chose still with lemon slices. We sat for a few minutes reviewing the menu and chose the 6 course tasting menu with the 6 wines to pair. A different waiter arrived and took our order at 7:30. We sat and waited for the food and wine, the waiter filled our glasses a few times with water so we asked for additional lemons. We find out they are now out of lemons. Not a problem, we sat and talked awhile longer and then realize it is 8:05 and we have not been served our first course. At 8:10 the first waitress came to our table and asks us if we are ready to order, this is where it all went downhill. I said to her, we ordered about 50 minutes ago and haven’t received our food. She said ok and walked away. 8:15pm food comes to our table from a different server and they set it down. The food is instantly picked up and told this isn’t yours. It goes to a table that sat down 10 minutes before the food was served to them. I find the waiter who took out order and tell him. He doesn’t apologize but says, “I’ll have food out to you in 2 minutes”. And he comes back in 5 minutes with our first glass of wine. 15 minutes later I get up and find a manger, who is in the front at the bar and said he will look into, he did not stop making drinks for 10min so we walked out. Worst experience.