Joe Mathis

This restaurant is in the Princess Royale building, which is one of our favorite hotels in Ocean City. It’s a shame that this restaurant isn’t as good in our opinion. We went to this restaurant two years ago and thought it was decent, with some good happy hour food specials. During our stay here this time we went to this place to eat on a Friday evening, but ended up leaving soon after we were seated (so we can’t comment on the food this time). The bar area and dining room only had a handful of tables and no one waiting. We were seated in the dining area and I asked about the happy hour specials. The server told me that we couldn’t order them in the “dining room”, just the “bar area”, which seemed odd, because the areas aren’t really separated that much and neither area was busy at all. I asked if we could just move to sit in the bar area then and she said we couldn’t because we had kids under 21 years old (5 and 3), but she would check to see if we could order from the bar menu too. The server checked with a manager who begrudgingly said it would be okay for us to order from the bar menu, but said she would be bending the rules and we would have to order from the bar and have a separate bill and our server wouldn’t be compensated for the food from the bar menu. We felt uncomfortable and not very welcomed after making this request, so we ended up leaving and going elsewhere to eat. This place is in a good location in a great hotel, so if they got things together and would become more flexible, then it could be a great spot to eat.