joan salmen

I meant to review this a couple of months ago when we had dinner with our neighbors but forgot…Tonight I remembered because we are having turkey burgers for dinner…..We went on burger night – it was the first time we tried restaurant since it changed ownership…..My husband and I had stayed at the Brick countless times when we started looking for a home a few years ago so we ate there a lot….All four of us ordered burgers….I was the only one that ordered the turkey one…..It was THE WORST turkey burger I ever had….It was way overdone and DRY! I didn’t make a fuss since we were there with others but it would take wild horses to get me there again…..There are SO many great restaurants in the area, why go back to one so unsatisfying??? BTW….My husband’s beef burger was just marginal also – they didn’t give you a choice how you liked it cooked…..