jesse Halter

2nd bad experience with the new st location last time I ordered from them was this past Oct 2019 I believe this was the same person that took my order from Oct I purposely haven’t order from this place since then because of bad order taking there. When I placed the order tonight I tried to confirm what she put into the order but she quickly hung up the phone before I could even start to get the words out. Received food completely was wrong again this one particular person needs to take their time with ordering or just leave it to the other counter person the seems to get orders correct. It also took over an hour to get the food correctly and back out to me I know they are busy there but you would think it would have been a more priority I was thinking it would take at least 30 mins to 35 but over an hour on a Monday is pretty extreme for a order that needed to be corrected I hate to do these because it can look really bad but a second time I’m pretty much done with this place it’s ashame the food and prices are pretty decent to be ruined by some poor staff not all of them are.