Jennifer Lopez

My husband and I went for a much needed date. It was a Friday and the place was busy. We agreed I was the DD.
We ordered ceviche shrimp cocktail empanadas Chilean and a Cuban pork dish. (This is important detail because we ordered plenty of food) we were offered our check three or four times. I was drinking iced tea and he had a couple of beers and then he wanted a margarita. So he had a couple of margaritas. I asked about the dessert menu and decided I didn’t want anything.
We were enjoying ourselves snacking and talking. We asked for another margarita, we were told we couldn’t have anymore alcohol 😂🤣 what?!!
With no explanation! We were to ourselves, not being loud, not having any disagreement, NO issue….
Only thing we could surmise is they wanted our table.
Not cool.
Thanks Al