Jeff Gudzune

I’ve only dined at Olive Garden a few times over the last ten years. I was, in fact, unaware of the existence of such a thing as an Olive Garden until around 2013. My first experience was pleasant but by no means enthralling. However, I always allow for the possibility for growth. Olive Garden did not disappoint.

I’ve returned over the years to attend a few family dinners or special occasions. Each seating I’ve found my enjoyment increasing. Olive Garden is a fluid, increasingly enjoyable dining experience.

The wait staff is friendly and accommodating to my food allergies.

The menu is versatile with specialized dishes as well as old standards.

The food is presented well and flavorful and the portions are more than generous. It was one of the few times I had to yield and take home leftovers. I shall enjoy them immensely tomorrow evening.

I highly recommend Olive Garden for a romantic night out, dinner with friends, and of course obligatory and oft uncomfortable family dinners.