Jeannie Green

After what I experienced tonight, and after what I witnessed, it is clearly not the staff but the general manager that will run this restaurant into the ground. Here we have a Saturday evening. This McDonald’s is the only drive-thru and convenient restaurant in the entire town. On the schedule we have one female doing the work of 5 and one new employee, a young kid. I go through the drive-thru and then when I get homeG open my bag to see that I am missing part of my order now I have to go back when I go back there’s about ten cars online so now my dinner is at my house getting cold I’m not going to sit on this line. It’s 32 degrees outside I have my dog so now I have to leave my dog in the car so I can walk inside. Now that I’m inside this girl with the red shirt and dark hair is doing everything well there is a brand new employee standing there trying but still needs help and then there is two young men in the back but one is on break so he can’t help. I wait 10 minutes it’s cold my dog is in the car I tell her I need the rest of my order she is very accommodating very kind and I feel very sorry for this young woman. She has no help I asked her why they cannot schedule a full staff on a Saturday evening. She gave me my order and made things right and gave me a refund. the young man who is the new employee I will say was very polite so I’m not blaming anybody that all of my food was not in the bag of the first time. But my plea goes out to the general manager you need to have a schedule in place for Saturday evening because one girl doing everything and training a brand new employee and one guy on break is not going to cut it. I do not know if writing a letter to corporate will even help this but I hope that you will give it consideration as to no working people to death. in the future you may have no employees at all if you continue this type of scheduling on a Saturday night