Jaynee Levy-Polis

Breakfast at Bob’s

If you don’t eat pork, go to a different restaurant. Although there are non~meat meals, this restaurant is based on eating pig. I recommend it for breakfast, but bring your own half~and~half or milk for coffee. You’ll have to ask for real butter too, unless you’re willing to settle for some chemical concoction. ( In New Castle, Delaware, carrying around one’s own milk for coffee is acceptable because Bob Evans has the best coffee in the morning.) Sometimes the grits are watery, but they’re usually good, as is everything else. Servers are very nice and the restaurant is clean and friendly. It’s a comfortable place. Prices are reasonable. Delaware has no sales tax. Note: in case you missed that, Delaware has no sales tax. Parking is easy. It’s the walking that’s dangerous. Breakfast can be good. Carry your milk and enjoy.