I was back home from training in the military for a little over a week and was looking for a place to work out in the meantime. Usually walk-in fees for gyms are $10+ which is expensive even if it’s for a few days. I called The Body Shop and the phone was immediately answered by the owner, who was unbelievably accommodating. I was able to get a week pass with 24 hour access for a very reasonable price, with a deposit on the key FOB used to enter the gym which is returned when the FOB itself was given back.

The gym itself is small but has everything you’d need for general gymgoing. For a small town gym it’s perfect, there is plenty of cardio equipment, every machine someone would need and a fair amount of free weights. There is only one squat rack but I never had to wait to use it. The staff is very friendly and I think this gym will suit the needs of 95% of anyone who wants to work out.