Jamie Yayme

I really had high hopes for this place since there’s not much to do in this area for kids. Your better off making the drive to Xbos which is WAY better with way better prices IMO, AND the staff doesn’t just stare at you and chat with/friends. I don’t mind supporting teens who have jobs but the kind manager was doing all the work with this one family, in which I watched SIX employees standing around, finding ways to keep shifting to avoid my simple question since I JUST WALKED IN. Pathetic and cowardly. Burger flippers for life if they stay like that. This was after coming the previous Wednesday to be told rudely by the bowling side they weren’t open on Wednesdays despite it not saying that anywhere online. When I went, I was asking about these things for my 3 year old since I *thought* she could at least do the frog jump and number cars. All we could do was games which were way over priced, and the very broken bowling 66 area. My kid was too short to do any overpriced activities that the carnival let her do last year even shorter. And she’s no where near the height line. Don’t come here with small kids. Matter fact, just don’t come. They don’t even know how to advertise to make up for the odd location they picked that make it hard to find. Way over priced like everyone said. Paid 20$ for games when at Chuck e cheese we could’ve all played games for that. I could go on, but just don’t waste your time unless you have money to waste for fancy looking games mixed in with broken old ones.