Jacqueline Lopez

My boyfriend and I stayed here for one night and it was an amazing experience! The reservation we had was originally my boyfriends’ parents, but they were unable to make it due to a vacation they booked during the same time. I’m so happy we were able to use their reservation because we had such a nice time. From the moment we walked in, we felt like we were at home. Debi and Bob are wonderful hosts and have the house completely spotless and decorated so cute 🙂 the bedroom we stayed was painted lavender (My favorite color) and even the sheets on the bed were scented lavender. The bed was the biggest I’ve ever slept in and the bathroom was a dream (big tub and big shower).

We ate lunch and dinner the night we got there at Cantwell’s tavern (3 min walk from house ). The next morning , Bob cooked up the most delicious breakfast ! I was so full but I had to eat everything they served because it was so good. They were both so easy to talk to and attentive to our needs. I wish we stayed for more nights. We will definitely be coming back !