Jacqueline Blackston

Marisol, this woman was amazing! I walked in and asked for a size I had been wearing for 5 years. She asked a coworker if they had it, I believe Sarah? She then looked at me and asked if I wanted to be measured. She didn’t pressure me into it, just asked, and I said originally no, but was willing to give it a try. I have had quite a few places measure me in the past 15 years, Marisol knew her stuff. She measured me in the exact areas you need to be measured, grabbed a bra for me to try on, then grabbed another when the size wasn’t quite right. She helped me find my perfect current fit! She gave me about 10 bras in different styles to try on and they all fit so well! I got a single bra as I am currently losing weight, but I really wish I could have bought all the different ones she gave me cause they all fit just so right. The bra I did end up buying makes the girls look awesome! It is really comfy too. The women in this store made me feel comfortable and really did make sure I was taken care of and was being helped along which I really truly appreciate. I know the quality may be lacking nowadays with the products but, if you find yourself at this specific store, please ask for Marisol, she was kind and courteous and really helped an extremely awkward and shy woman find one of the most intimate intimates that really was comfy and fit better than any bra I have ever bought after being measured before. She deserves all the praise I can give her. Go Marisol!