Hafida Mehdaoui

If there were 0 stars I’d give them that. First of all, teach them how to talk with people, they don’t know how to talk nice with people and their faces are scary, they don’t laugh or smile. The people who are sick, you guys don’t make them feel better. I brought my daughter there I was working first but I had to bring my daughter because she wasn’t feeling well, it was empty there so we were waiting almost for an hour just for her to be called, when they put us in a different room, you need to wait more time in there when the nurse practitioner got in there. she doesn’t look nice and doesn’t talk nice, she said that we need to wait for an x-Ray more than an hour I told her I can’t because I’m working so she gave me a paper to sign because she said that I refuse but I didn’t not refuse because the people don’t understand that I’m working and I can’t leave my daughter alone there because she is a minor so they told me that they will my medical that I refused to sign the paper. Better look at nice people that will explain that we’re going to need to wait for more more hours just for an x-Ray we will never go back there ever again. This is the first and last time. It’s better that I go to express care on route forty or north east. I recommend you to go one of those express cares because they’re really nice people than these ones are. The express cares calls and sees how are you feeling after you have been seen. Those people here at urgent care should do that.