Ghee Buttersnaps

For a small hole in the wall especially being in a thrift store, Smith’s Cafe has an incredibly large selection on their menu. I ordered fried chicken breast with the option to top it off. This option is mashed potatoes that have bacon in the gravy. Additionally I had french fries and baked macaroni and cheese. The Fried Chicken was very reminiscent of the old english’s chicken. Absolutely delicious especially with the top it off option. The baked macaroni and cheese was good as well. The french fries, though plain, did the trick after they were salted. Our party also got the two piece chicken with kale and cucumber and onion salad. They really enjoyed all the options the meats were cooked very well. The final selection for our party was grilled chicken breast with asparagus and potato wedges. Again, the asparagus was plain, but serviceable. The prices are tremendous! And the service was very good. I would recommend a visit to the cafe when you’re around town