Gayle Nealis

I was here in mid September 2010, it was the perfect time to go there was very few people during the week I was there. I stayed in one of the little cabins. It was perfect and cost effective for me. I brought a kayak and a bike. I would drive over to North east beach to put my kayak in and would kayak around Turkey point and continue to where the nicer cabins were at The campground, then walk back to my cabin and get on my bike and bike to my car so I could go pick up my kayak. Though one time I got back to my cabin after picking the kayak up and a critter had gotten into my cooler and help itself to some food. Ground hogs and squirrels were a problem at that time. I even had a water gun and jug of water to keep the critters at bay. I included photos of my time on the water and cabin.