G Naylor

Reminded me of kitchen nightmares. I ordered online, was emailed my receipt, and was set to grab my order in 30 mins. When I arrived, I was greeted nicely coming through the door. I let the cashier know I had an online order. She asked if I was Steve, I said no Gary. She put the order in to the kitchen at that point and called out take out staying. So I knew either something was wrong with the system, or wasn’t paying attention to wherever the online orders pop up. I would’ve been more understanding, had she just come clean and a simple my bad would’ve been fine. Nope nothing, just awkward silence. It wasn’t busy inside, but they had quite a bit of take out going on. Not sure if the guys in the back are training or what. Didn’t seem like the team was communicating well with each other, pretty much just the cook barking away and micro managing the squad. I was waiting to see Gordon come through the door and save the day. The food, ok at best. The kid that was frying fries had a tough time and it showed with my soggy onion rings. I’d say about 5 small ones were good, the rest. Forget about it. I got their version of a black and blue burger. It was ordered medium, came to me well done, and nearly raw in the middle. Not much for flavor really. I ordered a side of blue cheese for the burger. Not in the bag. That communication was bad bad bad. I’ll come back in a month or 2 for the final verdict.