Frank Lagola

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, is an awesome place to watch, legally wager on sports, & live harness races when in season, & a small but very nice private, simulcast horse racing book. The property has many excellent dining options, including a AUCE buffet, where you can watch the harness races, & twice a year Nascar races, from the buffet dining area. My favorite casino has many amenities, including a day spa, heated indoor pool with skylights, & a smallish, but adequate gym, that has two treadmills, free weights, & other machines, with decent locker room, & large open shower room. Book a night or two, & enjoy nice clean rooms, a Swarovski jewelry shop, Godiva Chocolate shop, oyster & sports bar, Frankie’s Italian resturant, a 24/7 breakfast & lunch cafe, gift shop, coffee shop, with great sandwich & bakery items. Valet parking, & outdoor smoking area’s. The top floor has a cozy decent sized poker room, with several poker tourneys, some as low as $40 to enter. I have wanted to try a low limit, low entry fee tourney, for several years now. My favorite, go to game of luck, & skill, is the craps tables. With a great group of dealers & box men. They used to have a $5 minimum bet table on sundays, i have rarely seen that, at any casino on the entire northeast coast. The property also annual, outdoor 3 or 4 day long, Firefly Music Festival. Its well worth the 45 minute drive down from Wilmington, Delaware. Thank me later, ask for buffet, or breakfast comps, if you play for a while. Win or lose, they want your business, & will also comp you a nice room, if you qualify.