Frank Breakell

I gave them one star for showing up quickly, being very personable, and offering a solution ( purchase a new unit). They lost the other four because they didn’t try to trouble shoot what ended up being a very simple fix. They just stated that the condenser unit of my central air conditioner was shot. A fan was stuck and it needed to be replaced. But that my coils were most likely fine, even though they never looked at them. The estimate for the new unit was $4500, and possibly another $2000-3000 for the coils if needed.
I called another company. Dude came out, opened the unit up, saw some wires were off,and installed new wires. The unit is running just fine. And his estimate of $4500 included the condenser unit and coils along with a ten year warranty.
While I’m certain Celtic Air is a quality company, I suggest you have others look at your issues before you settle.
It’s now November and I received an invoice stating I’m overdue. I never received an invoice to be overdue! And you certainly did nothing to warrant a fee. Maybe if your “technician” actually trouble shot my unit and found the easily fixable problem this would not be an issue. But I’ll be damned if I’m paying for the removal of a lid, a brief peek inside with a flashlight, and the turning if a fan blade.