Floan A

Double Knot is very highly rated, especially for it’s Happy Hour and their sushi. I went recently with my daughter for the Happy Hour and for dinner. The Happy Hour has become a zoo with people waiting in front and back and no-one managing the seating. The policy is first come first served, but it is just a fight for space. We were waiting a long time and eventually ordered drinks, so the staff could see we were serious about staying. when we were at the front of the line, two waitstaff told us they would look out for a table for us, but in the end we had to muscle our way for the next table. place this popular should have a manager dealing with seating.
The Happy Hour food was very good.
The sushi was somewhat of a disappointment. My preference for rich scallops is to have them thinly sliced; these were in chunks. I didn’t care for the DK roll. The plainer the fish, the better it seemed.