Elia A.

Horrible customer service. Ordered 6 PIZZA egg rolls and recieved 6 pizza egg rolls. We called very politely once we realized, and explained that while we ordered 6 pizza egg rolls (3 for him and three for me) and 1 shrimp egg roll, we received 6 regular ones and 1 shrimp one. The woman on the phone immediately denied him ordering that, saying he said 6 regular egg rolls and that she asked him to repeat the order back to her. ?!?!?!? He told her once more that it was pizza egg rolls. This went on for a few minutes with me explaining that I heard him say 6 pizza egg rolls. Why would I sit around while he ordered 6 regular egg rolls?!?!?! I wanted them bad! They’re mad good. Too bad one of the only places that has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I’ve never encountered someone so unnecessarily rude. He didn’t approach her rudely, all of us have worked in customer service before, and understand how that feels. But her initial instinct was to get defensive. Did not offer to resolve the situation in any way and instead chose to adamantly deny it. Food is good, but the customer service SUCKS. Order somewhere else if you can. I know— the selection of chinese food in Dover isn’t that great. But love yourself and please find somewhere better if you can. You shoould definitely fire that rude, delusional, defensive woman if you want to keep your customers. Oh— and she hung up the phone! Y’all don’t know how much I want those pizza egg rolls.