Edna Herring

I attended the murder mystery this afternoon with two friends and while the show was great, our overall experience was terrible.
Both the food and the service I was expecting with the 35 dollar price that we would be served food from the restaurant not from shoprite or waw
The waitresses were not at all prepared for the number of patrons which should not have surprised them as you needed to purchase a ticket to attend. Tickets stated that the doors open at 2, they were still setting up tables at 2:30!
The old waitress asked us to leave our booth in case a party of 4 showed up. However there were other booths that only had 3. Why were we singled out? But, we moved with no issue and only stated we were not happy. Apparently that was all our waitress needed as an excuse for her terrible behavior. I would like to say we had terrible service. However, we had no service at all. This woman never came to our table again! The other waitress refused to help as she stated she was not our waitress! We actually had to go to the bar for our drinks. Kelly, the bartender was wonderful by the way. We watched for over 2 hours as this woman made it a point to avoid us and serve others around us. She had a sour, angry expression all afternoon.
I find her behavior appalling and disgraceful. This is not our first bad experience but it will be our last! She does not have the temperament to work with the public and is responsible for 3 families never returning to your establishment!