Duane Lawrence

A bucolic and iconic Estate set in the Era of land barons and unimaginable wealth. The Estate home is breathtaking both outside and inside, featuring priceless furnishings, table settings and wall coverings. Place yourself in the early 1900’s in a home with butlers, maids, coachmen and gardeners. Take the house tour and feel what it was like to live in an enormous home of opulence. The size of the home will amaze you. Outside, tour grounds featuring a blend of stately gardens juxtaposed with rolling hills of fertile, productive farmland. Sit on one of the many benches overlooking large meadows and imagine the large herds of dairy cows that once grazed. Walk to the back of the property and see the Estates former train station, with a railroad station and railroad that remains in service. There are also a few large PA style barns and outbuildings that still look outstanding. There are a few large ponds with ducks & geese and a nice size creek connecting them together.
The gift shops are great. They feature well made, fairly priced gifts and books, several with a local flavor for the area. My wife and I started a tradition of buying a Christmas ornament there each year.
There are also museums on the grounds. One features a blend of crafts, furniture and table settings. The other features the collection of Campbell’s Soup Tureens, which are really quite amazing. There is also a research Library and a very nice sandwich and snack stop. The food is very good. Its all spread out with well marked and maintained paved walking trails.
Whether you’re a casual visitor or a weekly visitor like my wife and I, you’ll never run out of new things to see and do. We do our rapid cross country walks there to stay in shape. The rolling hills make for a healthy walk that can last hours, if desired.