Dee Wilson

They have officially lost a faithful customer. After the diner changed management, I noticed that the customer service became very bad. I have been a customer of this diner since I was a child growing up; and always loved and enjoyed coming there. Not anymore, I have complained before about how the manger or whoever answers the phone. They mumble and rush you with your order and and are not pleasant to talk to. When I go to pick up or visit the diner, quickly notice that both of the older gentlemen do not greet or make eye contact with you ( a bald guy with glasses and another guy with glasses and short hair cut). For some reason they are the two I always get when I do a takeout order. On to the food, I noticed are the food has become extremely blane or burnt. They also do not show your order to you before you leave the diner to make sure it’s right like they used to do. Now I must say the waitresses are always nice unlike the management. I know they are renovating the diner to make it look more modern, but they NEED to review the food and management as well, because it’s terrible. That’s why I sadly decided to no longer be a customer.