David Hand

Just wanted to make sure word got out on how well Barkley Heating took care of me. Basic run down is A/C stopped working Thursday night. Called another company 8 a.m. Friday morning. Explained what I believed to be the problem. Was told to leave A/C running and they would be out tomorrow between 11 and 1. Showed up at 2 told me to turn A/C off they couldn’t do anything because it was frozen they would come back tomorrow. Showed up at noon looked at it for 5 minutes and said they needed to order a part but not sure when they would get it. John happens to be across the street from my sister who’s A/C just stopped working as well. He repairs their A/C as is asked If he would look at mine. Mind you this is Sunday at around 4 p.m. now. He comes over and by 6 he has my A/C running and has cleaned and serviced it for the exact same price I was quoted for just replacing the motor. All business his way from now on!