David Boyd

I am new to the area and delight in the discovery of an eatery that manages to produce a reasonable facsimile of the culinary delights I enjoyed as a child in southeast Asia. My experience at Southeast Kitchen insured many a return visit. The dining room was clean, tastefully decorated and comfortable. The wait staff was friendly, efficient, and attentive without being overbearing. The fare was tasty and reasonably priced. I had the pho with flank steak. It satisfied my craving with a hearty, flavorful broth that expanded my sinuses and engaged my salivation to tuck into the fresh, toothsome ingredients with a fervor that simmered unabated until the bowl was purged of the last drop and morsel. From the thinly-sliced beef, to the steaming noodles, to the green and yellow onions, to the fresh bean sprouts, basil and jalapeno, it was a veritable orgiastic titillation of the palate. The only things separating this pho from its authentic, southeast Asian forebears was some tripe, some mysterious gray meatballs, fish sauce and perhaps a touch of star anise. Nonetheless, my craving was sated and I give Southeast Kitchen my enthusiastic stamp of approval.