Danielle L.

I ordered the Steak Stromboli and it was by far the best stromboli I’ve had in a long time. Most strombolis I’ve ordered are packed with grease, making the crust of the stromboli so soggy and disgusting. Also making reheating it virtually impossible if you want it to taste good. It’s usually so much that the bottom of the corrugated box is flimsy from moisture by the time it even gets to me and with every cut I make more and more grease oozes out. The stromboli I ordered here had ZERO grease! I could not believe it. I thought maybe it wouldn’t taste as good as grease does add flavor but let me tell you I was wrong. Now without all that grease the crust is dry (which is a good thing here) so they also include a side of marinara to dip it in which only made it taste even better. I wish more places added this as it enhances it a lot. You will not be disappointed. This is now the one and ONLY place I will order strombolis from. Hands down best ever! I could go on and on and on….