Daniel Green

My wife and I ate at Terrain Cafe for our wedding anniversary this past year. Though a very unique setting that makes you feel as if you are eating outside in a garden, the food fell short of my expectations and the service was below par for the price. The store is easy to find from the road, however once parked, finding the restaurant is moderately difficult. The entrance is in the very back, where you must walk through part of the outdoor store to notice. There are signs to lead you in the right direction, but for someone unsure of where they are going and carrying a bottle of wine (Terrain Cafe is BYOB since they do not have a liquor license), I felt out of place. Online, Terrain Cafe portrays itself as more towards fine dining than what it truly is, a cafe. The tables are placed very close to each other, so do not expect much privacy at your table while you eat. Finally, the food left more to be desired. I ordered the steak medium rare, which came out rare and was tough to chew. I got through half of the steak and couldn’t finish because my jaw was sore from chewing. It seems odd that the only side offered with the steak (one of the more expensive items on the menu) was french fries. I expected more from a “Farm to Table” restaurant.