Cross Family

This place is horrible! Very disappointed with the service! My husband and I went here and they had the 4 course feast in the menu and it said it was available before 6pm when we went to order it they told us it was no longer in the menu and that they just hadn’t had a chance to remove it. So we ordered the mussels for an appetizer the waitress heard us because she made a remark on how that was her favorite. We never received the mussels! Very aggravating.
We figured we would give them another try and came with our in-laws today. My mother in law asked to sit at a booth and it seemed as if the waitress had an issue with that. It took them 40 minutes just to ask us what we wanted to drink. We ordered our food and appetizers along with our drinks. Our soup came out long before our drinks did (we didn’t get our drinks till after the dinner came out and the waitress made sure she didn’t come around us the whole time so we weren’t able to find out why we weren’t receiving our drinks) When we received our appetizer they brought our meal at the same time which made it so inconvenient because there was barely any room on the table for the appetizers they had just brought out. The waitress never came back around to check on us and to see if we needed refills on our drinks. The silverware we had was dirty. We asked to do a split check and they had put it all together. The dessert was just thrown in with the to go boxes with nothing said to us that they were in there. And they messed up on a couple of our meals. It was a total disaster. We will never be returning to this red lobster ever again! The portions were very small for the amount we paid. It doesn’t even deserve 1 star. All this happened I believe because my mother in law asked to sit in a booth instead of a table. It was very disturbing tonight…the worst experience ever! Just horrible 😡