Claudette Keyser

I typically never give a bad review. Although the food at this establishment is very good, the service was horrendous. The waitress was by far the rudest server I’ve ever come across. It literally took 15 minutes for her to bring bread to our table, it was only until we asked for it, and she snapped at us. You would think we were asking for her first born. When she brought the bread we each got one piece. We ordered long hots as an appetizer which came 10 minutes after the bread so of course we asked for more bread and again it was like pulling teeth. When she brought more bread she literally asked each of us if we wanted a “piece”. What Italian restaurant doesn’t serve bread? It’s not like the bread was anything special. It certainly wasn’t shipped from New York. Oh, and don’t ask for lemon for your water, that too is a problem. Again, the food is very good. But I can get good Italian food almost anywhere and not have to deal with this nonsense. She is certainly in the wrong industry.