Cindy Cathell

We will NOT be recommending this pool service . We called for our opening , (they closed the pool )that was a hassle . We finally got a call back on a tue.and confirmed they would be coming . On Thur ., they show up and start to open the pool , take the cover off and a man comes to the door all flustered stating he wasn’t suppose to be there and just received a text on his way from another job 40 mins away to come here . I stated this was set up last week and confirmed on tue . Then he states he needs his payment to continue . I stated we have always sent it in after billing , how it was always done prior . No one had mentioned it before in either phone call or it would have been there . So he said I have to call Tammy , I said ok let me know . Come to my surprise , they left without coming back to the door and saying anything . This could have been settled in so many different ways , we were not refusing payment. Just confused because this was not our first opening and not how it had been handled prior but to just leave without saying a word . Then when we call the office they were like well we can come back out next week .. WOW ..