Christine S

Jonas Cattell Gravesite is located on Evelyn Drive, right off of Caulfield Avenue. It’s a neat old cemetary to visit. The Street view pictures of this particular cemetary actually belong to the small cemetary named “Strangers Burial Ground” that is on Caulfield Avenue, a few hundred feet before Rastelli’s driveway on the right hand side. There is still a little white wooden fence to mark it’s location. The “Strangers Burial Ground” is a neat piece of history tying both Woodbury and National Park together as some of the Hessian Soldiers from the battle of Redbank were buried here along with some unkowns. Some had been moved to a new location and the cemetary used to be larger but was scaled back to add roads for houses. You can find alot of cool info on these cemetaries, as well as the Battle of Redbank on the official Gloucester County Website. Very interesting info about the area.