Briana Nicole

This place wasn’t horrible, but I also wouldn’t come back. It’s unremarkable. I think their location isn’t doing them any justice because the parking lot was so small there was almost no parking when we got there. we thought it would be packed but inside it wasn’t busy at all. The server let us know she was new and not too familiar with the menu so she couldn’t really answer any of our questions. The menus came as two GIANT paper menus that looked like she’d accidentally handed us double menus each. A weird stylistic choice. The only condiment on any table was Mustard, which also seemed weird. Anyway down to the important thing, the FOOD. We had ordered chips and salsa and queso to start. Almost all of the chips were the broken small “bottom of the bag” kind of chips and the salsa and queso tasted exactly like what you’d buy in a jar at the store. Not bad-tasting, but just not worth going to a restaurant for. We had ordered the Jalapeño burger and the Drunken Crab burger. I had asked for lettuce on the crab burger since it wasn’t listed as coming with it, and the burger didn’t come out with any. The service was fast, which we expected because most other patrons were just at the bar. The pretzel rolls tasted like store-bought plastic and were cold. The beef was cooked the way we ordered but was also under seasoned and unremarkable. The french fries were crispy but also not seasoned at all. The crab dip was dismal especially when you consider the Greene Turtle is very close nearby and has much better crab dip. The meal left me thinking that not a single thing in this restaurant is probably made in-house except the burger patties. I’d shudder to think what we’d find if this was on one of Gordon Ramsey’s shows.