Brian Warden

We brought our 5,3, and 1.5 year old here and had a great time. A lot of the experience went over their head but the oldest walked away with little nuggets of knowledge. The best part for them was the signers statues. There is a deep feeling of kinship and appreciation towards these men who risked everything for our freedom. The kids felt that too without a lot of coaching. I introduced them to each one and they gave unprompted big hugs to Ben Franklin and George Washington that I caught on camera.
As an adult I could spend all day in there reading and listening to everything. There’s so much interactive material and exhibits. We live in Jersey and was able to get in free with a library museum pass. Parking is still pricey. There’s a great place to have a packed lunch on the second floor south side with tables and chairs. You can see the lawn and independence hall.
Loads of other great things to do near by: the mint, independence hall, liberty bell.