Bob Little

In the past I have given the Wilmington Bonefish Grill location 5 stars but the past 2 visits have been less then satisfying. Service remains top notch and the place is clean and well kept. It’s the menu that is not quite as good. Recent little menu tweaks have removed some of the best items with selections that just are not as good. The crab bisque soap was changed out for a crab with corn…….not good as it has a Mexican style flavoring. The staff is mystified corporate doesn’t recognize the clientele doesn’t like the soup. Second, they use to a have a great sea scallop and risotto dish that was killer. It was changed to a scallop and shrimp dish. Sounds good, but the scallops and shrimp are small, lacking flavor and not memorable.
Maybe I am too picky? Yes,maybe, but I know my food likes and dislikes. There are many dining establishment choices, so when you have good items on the menu, why get rid of them. Just not sure I will return even though I get reward points for each visit.