Bettina Postles

I had never heard of a Sears store being privately owned. I was completely shocked today when I went in this store to pick up something that I had ordered on line and had delivered to this particular store. This simple looking little hometown store was very impressive inside!! The owner was extremely friendly, and very knowledgeable about everything in his store. There were washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, beds, lawn mowers, vacuum cleaners, garden tools, other power tools, and even kayaks! An excellent selection of everything. It seems like this store took all of the best products out of a regular Sears outdoor / garden department and appliances department and put it in one store. The employees that worked there were very friendly and honest about the products. They seemed like all around good hometown people. I would buy my appliances from this store anytime over the other two big box stores because of their excellent customer service.