Ben March

I made settlement on a 100 year old farm house in Houston on Feb. 22nd.

John and Jeff of Barkley Heating & Air came out right on time Monday the 25th. They got straight to work un-winterizing my home and heating, got my well pump pumping again, then completely serviced and started my boiler. They tore it down, and cleaned out all the smoke pipe which had accumulated various debris over the years since the chimney was left capless. They replaced the old pipe, got the furnace fired, smoke checked it, put in the proper nozzle, replaced the oil filter, and got the system running great. They went from room to room checking everything, checking the functions of the thermostats, and making sure there were no leaks in the old system. They then went through the house with me and my wife and laid out very in depth and accurate plans to install mini split systems throughout the house. As we were doing this, the old oil pump went out in the furnace, no fault of theirs, just age. John and Jeff did not hesitate, they got right on it, and replaced the oil pump and got everything back up and running. They then spent several hours making sure everything was bled free of all the air in the system and making sure everything was perfect. When they left, despite the basement being a complete mess, since we haven’t cleaned it out yet, the space they worked in was cleaner than when they started. John was very polite and talked me through everything that was done, explaining very clearly what was done and why. Both he and Jeff were absolutely polite and professional.

We are more than happy with the quality of work from Barkley Htg & Air, and are glad to have John and company coming back to upgrade our home with the new minisplit systems. Absolutely the right guys for the job!

Thank you Barkley Heating & Air!