Assata Acey

I have ordered here maybe 24 or so times in a 6 month span.

The people are honest and they do do free delivery on occasion.
The ribs aren’t always quite the same and there are some off days for sides during rush times but the rib or meat quality is always good.(and an off day for good food usually just breaks even)
Ribs are always soft and fat rendered, bbq sauce always on point.
For the pricing, you’re getting true cooked soul food by people of the community. The cake portions are large, I just tried the bannana pudding which seems to be homemade cream with a perfectly intact yet soft cookie layer with a banana layer that doesn’t distract and adds flavor.

Sometimes the cornbread is undercooked for me but it comes with any platter free of charge.

All in all, ordering here I know I’m going to get enough food and that I will enjoy it. 10/10 will do it again.