Ashley Love

Was really excited to come here today for the first time, recommended by a friend. We came in and we went to the line where you order ice cream and waited. (The other line was long and about 3/4 people manning that area understandably) so we patiently waited. One customer and her children ordered from that line, paid, and then decided they wanted ice cream where they moved from that line down to the ice cream line.

The gentleman followed her down and order the ice cream for them (even though we were waiting there first in line I figured I’ll just be patient). The worker didn’t even look at us, greet us, acknowledge us, or anything of that nature. I assumed when he was done with their ice cream order that he would then address us…nope.

Literally gave them ice cream and walked back to the other side of the kitchen. I was in complete shock that it was like we were invisible. My friend confronted the gentleman asking why not only he skipped over us but never even came back to help us to begin with and he blew us off insisting she was first. He explained that she already purchased a transaction and was not completing a second transaction of ice cream. The worker said “yea what can I get you then”… needless to say we left.