Anti Del DMV

Placed an online order on November 10th for pickup at the Newark, DE location on Elkton Rd.

While picking up my items, I noticed my bags seemed less full than they should. When I asked the staff about this, I was informed that one of the items I had ordered was out of stock. I was still charged for this item. Had I not brought this to the attention of the staff, nothing would have been said to me at all.

I was offered another item off the menu, but no refund, or anything for my trouble. When I declined this offer and requested a refund for the item I did not receive, I was told this would take about a week to be refunded onto my credit card. I accepted this explanation and left.

It has now been nearly a month and I have not been refunded the charge. This level of poor service is unacceptable, and I will not be returning.

Update: Buffalo Wild Wings does not care. Contacted them two weeks ago and never received so much as a response. Luckily, my credit card company handled it for me. How can any company in 2019 expect to survive by stealing from their paying customers?