Andrew Rapp

Another disappointing dining experience. I would like just one meal where the star’s align. The supervisor sat us. No one, no one. Supervisor walks by 10 minutes later, asked how everything is going. Told her no one has stopped by as a server. BTW the restaurant is dead. Waitress stops by. A water for the wife, water and beer for me. Get the drinks, takes our orders, chef salad, salmon dinner and the special, fish and chips. The waitress disappears into the kitchen. Twenty-five minutes later another waitress is carrying the food. My water has been empty for 15 minutes. The 1st waitress walks up as the other waitress was placing the food on the table. I asked why she disappeared for 25 minutes. She said she was waiting for the food. I never saw her again. My wife found a 2nd supervisor to get the bill. This is a horrible trend that never gets better.