Andrea Milito

Saturday was my first & last time going here. My husband & I were there almost 2 hrs waiting for a lane, only to never to get one, & deal with beyond rude staff, who clearly had no intention of giving us a lane. I tired several times to follow up with a manager & was told they weren’t there, didn’t know when they would be there, & no return phone call days later.

We came in, looked around, saw 5 open lanes, & went to get a lane. We were told there were a couple of people on the list to take the open lanes, but would be on as soon as the next lane opened & to wait. I got a drink, sat, & waited for a while. In the hour I sat there, these lanes never were filled by customers & the majority of the staff was playing on one lane. Meanwhile, several groups were rudely (& selectively) being turned down at the counter almost 3 hrs before close. It had been a while, so I went to check on how much longer it’d be. The guy at the counter had trashed the list our names were on it, but said to write it down our names so he could set up the next lane for us. We stood there & waited & waited to give our shoe sizes. We were told it would be a minute & to just wait….again. We went & sat back down in the same spot 10ft from the counter. I then noticed he was giving lanes to people who just walked in, looking me dead in the eyes while doing so. I went back up there to see what was going on. He had trashed the second list, so what was the point in staying? I told him how long we’d waited & brought up the fact that these other people were put on lanes immediately. Instead of just saying sorry I forgot about you, I’ll put you on now….he said “oh, I thought you guys just gave up”. I pointed out that we wouldn’t just be sitting there putting our name on waiting list to watch other people play. The counter guy was incredibly rude & had no intention of fixing the issue. The fact that we went up several times to check, and we were 10ft away, while there were open lanes made it all the more infuriating!!! A group of my regular customers were coming off a lane & turning in shoes after one woman slipped, fell, & hit her head (no one checked on her). At the counter she commented that he was also rude to her when they got there. They overheard what was going on & suggested that we take their lane since they were leaving anyway. The guy at the counter again refused to give us a lane, even though there were plenty open….only saying “sorry, I don’t know what to tell you, you’re just going to have to wait”. How ridiculous & rude! I have never seen anything like this in my life & the lack of professional follow up on the matter just seals the deal for me that I will never go back.