Amilia Rose

The customer service is HORRIBLE!!! My sister came this morning for breakfast and the drive thru lady was very rude! For one my sister told the lady to hold on because she was on the phone telling my brother in law they didn’t have what he thought they had. The drive thru lady chimes in her conversation and my sister told her she’s on the phone that’s why she told her to hold on. The lady got very rude and my sister told her she needed to calm down and she tells her she refuses to serve her and she needed to leave. My niece and nephew love Burger King breakfast every now and than and my sister been carving it since she’s been pregnant. So for the lady to refuse her services for no reason at all made me so upset. I told my sister to call corporate! The lady acted like she was the manager but clearly I feel that was a lie. I will NEVER go back to Smyrna location ever again !