Amethyst Rain

It’s a beautiful place and has lots of history. From what I got to see was beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go there so as I was out that way today I stopped. I was walking my dog at what I believe is called brownie shore so after leaving there I stopped on the way home. I got there at roughly 10:45-10:50am, I pulled in waved at the lady who lives next door and parked in the round about area. I walked with my leached 11lb dog to the big sign where the information is and went to the website. The website stated that it was open to the public from dawn to dusk and yours of the inside were made by appointment. I only wanted to walk the grounds and take pictures so I went in under the open archway. I walked took pictures of the house, trading Post building and the water behinde it. I even picked up trash as I passed it. I just made it to the medical garden when I decided to tie my dog up to a picnic table so I could walk the garden as I’m a gardener myself and enjoy historical medical gardens. I turned looked up at the picnic table and seen two police cars parked next to mine and they were looking at my car. I started walking towards them to see what was going on. I meet them halfway and asked them wha the issue was. The police officers were nice as was I (I always talk to people how I’d want to be talked to and I’ve never been in any kind of trouble). First the officers said walking my dog was an issue and I asked why b/c my dog hadn’t barked and was leached the whole time, he hadn’t even used the bathroom b/c I has just taken him for a walk right before. Then it was a break end…..the night before, it was 11:05am now. They asked to see what was in my bag a fanny pack around my waist, I said I’ll go ahead and show you even though I didn’t have to. All I had on me was doggy poo bags, my keys, my phone , cigarettes butts as I don’t throw mine on the ground, and my cigarettes. I also had a plastic bag that I had picked up there with a handful of trash that I had picked up there. I gave it to them. I asked if I could finish my walk as I was just about done and wanted to check out the garden and take a few pictures. I was told no and asked to leave so I did just that. As I was walking to my car two other vehicles pulled in, a truck with a guy unlocking the big decrotive Gates and a blue car which pulled in pretty fast by me. I’m well dressed and put together and I made no scene and never acted dodgy do I really am confused about everything that happened. I’ll probably never go there again which sucks b/c I wanted to do the ghost tour.😑 Edit; just checked their website again and it states nothing about dogs not being allowed on the site.