Alex Zorach

Bad experience eating here that started okay but culminated with one of the worst dessert experiences I’ve had in my life. Meal overall was underwhelming, and had a lot of different minor things off about it: too many raw onions in everything, sope texture was off, they put cheese in something we asked them to make without cheese, some things tasted overcooked. But the food wasn’t terrible overall. Parts of it were good. Tlacoyo (with cactus!) was tasty. Salsas were good (but all VERY hot.) Flan was TERRIBLE. Ugh, DO NOT order flan here!!! It was the worst flan in my life and was a traumatizing experience, a pre-made abomination drenched in low-quality chocolate sauce from a bottle and artificially-colored sprinkles. Texture was off and it was just vile. I really want to love this place, and I will come back once more to give it one more chance but I really want the management to address these shortcomings. Please take the flan off the menu, it is better not to serve something than to serve something as bad as what came out on my plate. I would give this place 3 stars if it weren’t for that awful attempt at flan.